Hi, my name is Scott Mills and I am blessed to have been called to pastor CFCF. I married to my beautiful wife Teresa in 1987 and I have two sons, Ryan aFnd Brett, and reside in Landrum, S.C. area. I enjoy spiritual and physical training as well as reading a great book.

I grew up in the Lutheran Church and have been a member of various denominational churches since my childhood. Some of those churches include the Church of God, Christian Missionary Alliance, the Baptist Church and an inter-denominational church. I believe the Lord was preparing me for future ministry as a Pastor by allowing me to experience each of the strengths of these wonderful fellowships.

I graduated from the University of Miami, Florida, as a Physical Therapist, and went on to obtain my certification as an Athletic Trainer. I was blessed to be able to spend 15 years in the health care field, with my last tenure as Director of Rehabilitation at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center. During this time, the Lord began to orchestrate my life's circumstances to push me inpushtly pursuing my doctorate degree in Theology and embracing the work of the Holy Spirit in my life.

Having grown up in various denominational churches, the Lord led me to begin a non-denominational fellowship emphasizing strong relationship building and a Theocratic form of government. To put it simply: God leads, and the Pastor and Elders of the church submit and follow Him. To this end and through much prayer, Teresa and I were blessed by God to help birth New Testament Christian Fellowshipn now Carolina Foothills Christian Fellowship. Our spiritual covering is Legacy Network. We believe that for us to be in authority we must be under authority. 

The vision of CFCF is to win the lost to Jesus Christ through relationship evangelism, equip the Body of Christ for works of service and embrace the full authority given to us as believers. Please view the various ministries we offer on this website to get a feel for how we accomplish these two calls to service. We believe that through relationship building, sound teaching, obedience, and most importantly through LOVE; we can do our part to build the Kingdom of God along with other Christian brothers and sisters in the Lord for His Glory.

In His Service,

Pastor Scott F. Mills