Many of you are asking, "What is this For Your Health seminar all about?" 

The following synopsis will give you a little history of FYH's significance, in hopes that you will pray and ask God if this opportunity is for you. We realize this is a commitment on your part, but isn't your spiritual, emotional, and physical well being worth the effort? Do not wait until you are desperate, although desperation works, too! 

You may ask, "Is it worth three days for an intimate time with God?" Read the following, and then ask some of those who have left their diseases and emotional baggage behind, "Was it worth the commitment?"   

The process of understanding how to deal with disease is available to us if we will search the scriptures for understanding, and more importantly apply its principles in order to benefit from the Lord's promises to us. Do not give into the mainstream of thinking that your hope lays only in physicians, medicines, psychologists, or psychiatrists. Why manage your disease when God can help you cut it off at the root. That does not mean we do not believe in health care professionals. Thank God for them, however, quite often we rely upon them instead of dealing with the root causes behind the disease or emotional distress. As a matter of fact, do you recall where the scripture tells us to go when we are sick? Does it say our local health clinic or pharmaceutical company or does it refer us to the elders of the church? Look up James 5:13-16.

You will learn in the seminar how the influences of certain sins such as un-forgiveness, accusation, envy, jealousy, rejection, occult practice, bitterness, unloving natures, and fear can get a place in your thought life and belief system, and how these thought processes, if you believe them, will release chemicals, neurotransmitters, and hormones in your body to decrease your immune capabilities and make you susceptible to disease and illness. The Word of God states, "The curse causeless does not come," in Proverbs 26:2. If you believe today that disease without a cause is from God, then why are you going to a doctor? You are wasting your time trying to interfere with God. 

Healing is still for today. It is just that some of this healing takes repentance from sin, and not only your own but even those from previous generations. Could you possibly inherit certain diseases or sicknesses? Just ask your doctor. But Pastor, we live in the New Testament and Jesus removed the curse of past sins. Yes, absolutely. But it still has to be appropriated. What do you mean?  Did not Jesus die to provide salvation for ALL men?  Yes! But are ALL men saved? No. Only those who repent of their sins and receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. We appropriate salvation through repentance. And so it is with healing.  We must repent from serving certain sins, even those of our previous generations. 

Below are just a few testimonies of those who have been healed through obedience to the Word of God:

L.C. - set free from horrendous allergies she had for 30 years.  Her husband now pain free from rheumatoid arthritis of 19 years.

D.B. - now pregnant.  Her infertility "unexplained" by the doctors.

D.W. - healed of fibromyalgia and S.W. fully healed of Crohn's Disease.

J.C. - healed of irritable bowel syndrome and K.R. healed from incurable cancer.

H.K. - healed of a broken heart and M.K. healed of ADD.      

Whether or not you are delivered from fear, bitterness, anxiety, food allergies or cancer, the Lord wants to meet with you and set you free from any bondages you have lived with over the course of your life.  May this review motivate you to pray about whether you need to register for our next course.  I know I desperately needed it, and none of the excuses on page one could have stopped me from seeking out my healing. May God bless you in your evaluation of this ministry opportunity.

The C.F.C.F. Leadership Team

The "For Your Health" course is available each year.

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